9th Workshop on Uncertainty Processing.

Mariánské Lázně (12-15.9.2012)

A series of Workshops on Uncertainty Processing (WUPES) has been held in the Czech Republic every third year since 1988. Like the previous meetings the forthcoming Workshop will foster creative intellectual activities and the exchange of ideas in an informal atmosphere. Therefore we will keep the number of participants limited (~40).


Final programme of the conference is available! Download it now.


Electronic proceedings of WUPES'12 are now availabe online!

Programme committee

  • Nihat Ay (Germany)
  • Gernot G. Kleiter (Austria)
  • Vilém Novák (Czech Republic)
  • Romano Scozzafava (Italy)
  • Prakash P. Shenoy (USA)
  • Milan Studený - chair (Czech Republic)

Organizing committee

  • Radim Jiroušek - chair
  • Václav Kratochvíl
  • Tomáš Kroupa
  • Milan Studený
  • Lucie Váchová
  • Jiřina Vejnarová
  • Jiří Vomlel


To foster discussions, preliminary versions of all presented (and submitted in time) papers will be published in the Proceedings, which will be available at the beginning of the meeting. So the participants will have a possibility to consult the written version of the contribution before and during the lecture. Proceedings will also be useful for informal discussions during the breaks and other opportunities.

After the workshop, a special issue of a international journal devoted to the publication of selected papers will be edited. For this, all the selected papers will have to pass a regular reviewing process.


The conference was held in the beautiful spa town Mariánské Lázně.

History of the town

Although the town itself is only about two hundred years old, the locality has been inhabited much longer and the first written record dates back to 1273. The springs first appear in a document dating from 1341 where they are called "the Auschowitzer springs" belonging to the Teplá Abbey. It was only through the efforts of Dr. Josef Nehr, the abbey's physician, who from 1779 until his death in 1820 worked hard to demonstrate the curative properties of the springs, that the waters began to be used for medicinal purposes. The place obtained its current name of Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad) in 1808; became a watering-place in 1818, and received its charter as a town in 1868.

The town soon became one of the top European spas, popular with notable figures and rulers who often returned there. Among them were such names as Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Frédéric Chopin, Thomas Edison, Richard Wagner or Prince Friedrich of Saxony, British King Edward VII, the Russian Czar Nicholas II, and Emperor Franz Joseph I and many others. At those times, about 20,000 visitors came every year.

Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad) remained a popular destination between World War I and World War II. In last twenty years (after the dark period of Communism and town's degradation), the town has been fully restored into its original look, and now become popular through the whole Europe again.